Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel in his Beehive

This 2/3 size figure of Gregor Mendel was commissioned by Clive Farrel who wanted to create a centrepiece for the Leguminarium he was constructing in his large garden. Although famous for his work on genetics, Gregor Mendel actually published more on bees than peas. He bred a strain of bees that were prolific producers of honey but unfortunately overly aggressive. To celebrate this work, Gregor Mendel sits in a stone beehive in the centre of a large circular garden planted entirely with members of the pea family. The planting honours his discoveries with pea characteristics that laid the groundwork for modern genetics. I made a peapod shaped Oak bench for Gregor to sit on and a brass pea shoot for him to hold. The figure is 2/3 size to make him more approachable for children and the bench has plenty of spare space for them to sit.

Unfortunately the majority of his papers were burned on his death by the monastery Abbot.

Author: martin

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