The moss in these scenes is created procedurally using Blenders Geometry nodes. For each moss type, moss textured planes are distributed onto vertex groups using a randomised scale and rotation to achieve a realistic effect. Scale and rotation factors are exposed to give a degree of artistic control.

Three type of Moss are available to distribute and one cup fungus. All three mosses are typical of the ground flora in British coniferous woodland.

Moss – type 1

A fern-like moss of the Thuidium type. Rich green with overlapping mossy fronds.

Moss – type 2

Far more branching in growth with a more chaotic habit and a distinctive yellow tinge to the leaves.

Moss – type 3

With a much greater frond density and very much more even upright growth, this lush moss is great for creating moss hummocks.


This bright red Neotiella cup fungus is great for injecting a accent of colour into a scene. Five different cup shapes are randomly selected and rotated to give variety.

As an example, this is the same simple scene rendered with different moss settings

large scale, scale variance and rotation
Medium scale, equal size and modest rotation
Small even scale and modest rotation


These assets can be found at the following Github address:

Author: martin

This is a site showcasing some of my portfolio of past projects. It covers a wide range of different forms of sculpture focusing mainly on woodcarving, portraits and bronze casting. However I have also undertaken many other projects including creation of a Star Wars replica robot, war gaming scenery and bodycasting. If you would like to talk about a project please contact me using [email protected]