‘Watch the Birdie, My Deer’

This short video lays out in three parts a plan for a Bronze Fountain. Whilst it presents on first impressions as a thicket of Brambles, when viewed form certain angles it gives another impression entirely.

‘Watch the Birdie, My Deer’ – an illusion fountain by Martin Preston

Trial Casting

It isn’t usually my way to impose meaning to the work I do. I think art is a lot about what the viewer brings to a piece themselves, but in this case I am going to make an exception and offer this:

Much of the work put into the design of this sculpture was undertaken during my recovery from cancer and to me I see it as a metaphor for the experience. Initially cancer is overwhelming, dark and confused – a tangle of thorns. However, if you care to pause and focus on the small details, you can find great beauty; acts of kindness and care abound and modern medicine offers great hope. Finally you can find that if you just adjust your perspective what at first looked bleak resolves into quite a different picture.

Author: martin

This is a site showcasing some of my portfolio of past projects. It covers a wide range of different forms of sculpture focusing mainly on woodcarving, portraits and bronze casting. However I have also undertaken many other projects including creation of a Star Wars replica robot, war gaming scenery and bodycasting. If you would like to talk about a project please contact me using [email protected]